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23.12.2015 Autor Maja Krivić

How to eat light and healthy on a boat

During your stay in Croatia we recommend you do some exploring of our national cuisine. But since we offer a great pallet of our local ingridients, fresh healthy fruit, veggies full of taste, clean and fresh water and variety of aromatic herbs, you should definitely consider trying to prepare some of the meals yourself.


When on a boat, you don't want complicated meals, you want to eat light and healthy. Please don't try to cook something like the "pašticada" unless you are a real master-chef. Stick to the basics and also stick to our top ten ingredients list. Keep in mind the best dishes always turn out to be the ones made with only a few fresh ingredients that are not over processed.


Here are some of our suggestions for some simple, yet tasty and nutritive sailboat meals:



Yogurt. Put a spoon of honey in the yogurt or add berries, nuts and cut pieces of dried figs... The possibilities are endless. Remeber, carbs are the ideal choice for breakfast.


Fruit salad. Buy a bunch of local fruit, cut it into pieces, drizzle it with sugary water (just dissolve some honey or sweetener of your choice in regular water), leave it some time to cool and enjoy!



We suggest you play with salads. Cut fresh vegetables into pieces, add nuts, boiled eggs or even store-bought grilled chicken. Add a light dressing, such as yogurt (yeah, again with that yogurt) or aceto and olive oil.


In the spirit of Mediterranean cuisine you can also make Caresse salad. Our tomatoes are heavenly, packed with flavors and have a divine smell! You can also easily find Italian mozzarella at our stores. Buy fresh basil in our local markets and don't forget to add our liquid gold – the olive oil.


Romance on a boat can easily be achieved with a bottle of fine wine and a plate of cheese. We definitely recommend a well known goat cheese from the island of Pag and prosciutto. The best prosciutto is from Drniš, a place near Šibenik.


Remember: listening to your body is the safest way to go. During your sailing adventures you'll need your energy. Given the fact you'll mostly be overly sun-exposed do not overestimate your resilience to fatigue or vitamin deprivation. It's understandable you'll be eating out, devouring all the blessings Croatian menus have to offer as well as consuming our fine wines and other adult beverages, but step NO.1 is assuring you have enough quantities of light and healthy food on board.

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