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Pure magic, straight ahead: Punat marina, the island of Krk

On the southwest part of the island of Krk and 8 kilometers from the town of Krk, you will find the town of Punat, a beautiful place situated in an absolutely dazzling and naturally sheltered bay called “Puntarska (or Košljunska) draga”. Punat is a town, a port and a marine, considered to be one of the hearts of Croatian nautical tourism as well as island’s olive growing centre. Moreover, according to some sources, almost every family in Punat today has its own olive grove and makes delightful olive oil, known to be immensely important for our body and general health.


Punat is small and therefore quite perfect for relaxing and enjoying the absolutely stress-free environment. You can enjoy staring at the bay and the landscape, hit the beaches and admire the clarity of the water, or you can briefly explore the town, walking through romantic and compelling narrow streets and alongside beautiful houses that welcome you from the seaside.


We’re positive you won’t be able to resist going to Košljun, a very small island in the centre of the bay. Here you will find an old Franciscan monastery which, in a way, started the tourist hype around Punat when the empress Karolina, the widow of the Austrian emperor Ferdinand I, came to visit in the 19th century.


Košljun (Photo: www.tz-krk.hr/en/)


Welcome, sailors!

Marina Punat is the biggest and the oldest marina in the Adriatic and it can accommodate around 1,200 vessels with an addition of around 3,000 transit ships arriving during the summer months. Initially, before it grew into a nautical center, the marina had just 10 bindings on a wooden quay.


Punat marina provides couple of places where you can sit down, have a cup of coffee, relax and perhaps eat something. There is a HOTEL-RESTAURANT called “Kanajt” and also a lovely spacious Restaurant Marina where you can look for all the tasteful dishes and delights the island of Krk is so well known for. No matter where you choose to loosen up your belt and appetite, you’ll run into some pretty original recipes that were passed on from generation to generation.


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Reserve your boat, sail away and visit Košljun. Then sail further away, round the island of Krk and towards many other magical places nearby. Only sky is the limit.


Dream the Adriatic.

(Photo gallery provided by www.marina-punat.hr)

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