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15.12.2015 Autor AdriaSail team

Sailing – an almighty medicine

Experts say living by the sea is good for your health and well-being. We agree, but we'll dare to rephrase a bit: It’s all about a more relaxing state of mind because time spent at the seaside is obviously and expectedly filled with positive and joyful thoughts, as well as certain levity in everything you do or need to do every day. Now, if you’re not fortunate enough to live on the seaside, you are left with summer vacations or occasional trips during the winter or spring. And that’s also kind of awesome, I mean – what more would an inland person want, right?


That’s where you’re wrong– Arctic Monkeys’s track on "Suck it and see" album.


Dare to dream, dream to dare

Whether it’s to temporarily get away from the towns, the people and the hype or just to enjoy the unusual activity of living on the water, sailing is always the right choice during vacation season. If we look at Croatia, for most of the people - sailing is definitely still a very abstract term. It’s pretty unconventional and therefore still thought of as a dare, not yet as just a possibility. Still, its very essence is more and more appealing to us so we dream, talk, read and debate about it, fully aware of its medical effects on our body and mind.


Similar to hiking, skiing or mountain climbing, sailing gives an unique perspective of nature and your own ability to deal with it. Let’s remind ourselves, Greek philosophers marked water as one of the four key elements and in contemporary esoteric traditions, it is commonly associated with the qualities of emotion and intuition (Wikipedia). The art and skill of sailing gives you the chance to see the nature from a somewhat different perspective, having in mind the power of the sea/water and our meaning beside it. Sailing has very little to do with basic survival, but will definitely sharpen your instincts, ability to organize quickly in a practical and efficient manner, while providing a peaceful and relaxing environment for your time off. Kind of a paradox, isn't it?


It’s in this “almighty” environment you’ll gain more self-consciousness and reassurance in your own, as well as your companion’s, capabilities and potential. Sailing is liberating in a way that everything you experience feels like a life-changing addition to your current abilities.


Responsible explorer

Although sailing primarily pressures the pleasure, exploration, enjoyment and adventure “button”, it’s also something that mustn’t be taken likely. No matter if you’re trip involves a paid skipper or not, you will be asked to treat your sailboat, your route and your companions with utmost respect and responsibility. Your choice of people you want to share this experience with should also include responsible thinking and planning because you are faced with XY days of life together in conditions you face very rarely and in which your/their actions affect everyone and everything.


Nevertheless, all of the above mentioned points are reasons why you should most definitely dare to sail. It’s the fastest and perhaps the most productive way of getting to know a destination (or yourself) and the memories you’re left with will most likely change your perspective about vacations (or yourself) forever.  


Dream the Adriatic.

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