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Sailing with children - here's what you need to know

Experienced sailors often say sailing is a sport and its real beauty is the whole family can get involved. Sailing days are hours and hours of bonding with your youngsters, getting them to observe, listen and experience, thus receiving some lessons about responsibility and proper organization with a mixture of genuine enjoyment. Of course children are welcomed on sailing trips and of course those type of trips imply more preparation and consideration. We're not being overly smart by saying a whole lot of details depend on the age and character of your children (as well as your own), but here are a couple of things you need to think about before taking your family on a sailing vacation.


Safety first

No surprises there, children's safety is the most important thing and safety precautions multiply with younger children or babies. First and foremost, it's very important to make all the neccessary preparations for the youngsters before the trip. This includes knowing all there is to know about the potential problems and security issues, as well as talking them over with your spouse. If you optioned for a skippered boat, talk to your skipper, have him provide guidelines and council about the subject. Here's a detailed ARTICLE we found on web about one's experience with a baby on board, you might find it interesting and useful.


REMEMBER (!!) Choose your boat carefully. Look for the one with a safety net that could prevent your kids falling of deck. Talk with your booking agency and charter company. Let them know you're taking the children and ask for detailed instructions.


The "Talk"

Have a talk with your kids before sailing off. Describe them everything they're going to face and everything they'll be able to do, as well as learn. More importantly, though, explain them what NOT TO DO. Safety vest is a "must" at all times, but show them (couple of times if you have to) where they can walk alone and where they need the company of a grown-up (bow and stern). Have your skipper show them around and explain them the basics of the boat, as well as basics of being at open sea. You know how kids absorb all kinds of information. Don't underestimate them, grant them all the knowledge there is about sailing before setting your sails.



What? Like they'll need any additional entertainment. They'll be at sea and on a boat, what more do I need to provide, right? Wrong. It goes without saying, no one knows your child better than you do so you'll know what to expect in days to come. But just keep in mind they might lose interest at times and become rather unpredictable. Be prepared, think ahead and organize. You know how you're at their disposal at all times in general and this will not be that easy when sailing. Provide them with enough toys or some other entertainment when they shortly lose their interest about the sea.



There is no doubt sailing can be very educational. You know how kids love to enjoy in unusual and not daily-like activities and thus therein lies the rub. It surely won't be that hard getting them excited about the scenery you're witnessing or the islands and beaches you're seeing. You can educate them about geography, nature, history as well as organizational and practical skills. Bringing some geographical manuals, maps or tourguides is not a bad idea and don't be surprised if your kids start to scan them page by page. After all, now  they have something they'll be able to brag about at school so be ready for their enthusiasm. If you play the "educational card" right, you won't have any problems with the previous point (entertainment).



You're sailing because you wanna have fun and you want to provide your family with one of the most amazing experiences ever. Keep it cool, keep it light, but prepare well and don't be shy to ask questions while you're booking your boat. Anticipate whatever might happen and think of a way to prevent it or communicate the solutions to your crew. The presence of a skipper helps, no matter if you yourself are a licensed skipper or not. This way you'll be able to fully devote yourself to your family.


Safe trip. Good wind. Dream the Adriatic.

Your AdriaSail team.


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