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14.12.2015 Autor AdriaSail team

Why Croatia?

You’ve always dreamed about Croatia. You maybe just don’t know it yet.

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18.12.2015 Autor Nika

Ten most magical places on the Croatian coast

Even though a small country, Croatia is packed with wonderful places to see and it's very hard to summarize it to just ten destinations. But, that's where our Nika comes in...

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11.01.2016 Autor Nika

Ten breathtaking beaches in Croatia

Beaches in Croatia will blow your mind. No question about it.

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18.01.2016 Autor Nika

Ten Croatian coast bars worth checking out

Sometimes we just want to relax and enjoy doing absolutely nothing. Croatian coast is filled with places where you can do just that.

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23.12.2015 Autor AdriaSail team

Pure magic, straight ahead: Punat marina, the island of Krk

Punat marina, located on the Island of Krk, is the biggest and the oldest marina in the Adriatic.

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28.12.2015 Autor Nika

10 amazing viewpoints in Croatia

When you anchor and decide to explore the inland, amazing viewpoints in Croatia are at your disposal.

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18.12.2015 Autor AdriaSail team

Exploring the Kvarner Bay: The Golden Island

No matter how or where you track down information about the island of Krk, you’ll eventually end up finding it’s the largest, most accessible and one of the most visited islands in Croatia.

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