Eine Gruppe von Segelbooten in einer ruhigen Bucht


How to sail, where to sail, why to sail and much, much more.

29.12.2015 Autor AdriaSail team

Sailing with children - here's what you need to know

Useful pinpoints you need to think about when sailing with children.

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15.12.2015 Autor AdriaSail team

Sailing – an almighty medicine

Whether it’s to temporarily get away from the people and the hype or just to enjoy the unusual activity of living on the water, sailing is always the right choice during vacation season.

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05.01.2016 Autor AdriaSail team

Choosing a sailing boat

You decided you want to go sailing and you chose the destination. Now's the time to choose a proper sailing boat in order to experience the perfect sailing adventure.

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17.12.2015 Autor Maja

10 must-have groceries on a sailboat

Have you thought about going shopping before sailing? Maja writes about the much needed groceries on a sailboat.

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15.12.2015 Autor AdriaSail team

Here's what you need during sailing trips

Useful information about what you need to take with you on sailing trips.

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17.12.2015 Autor AdriaSail team

Skipper – the most important member of the crew

Guidance, leadership, advice and security. That's what a skipper brings to the table.

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31.12.2015 Autor AdriaSail team

Sailing with pets?

Wondering if sailing with pets is possible and what is the need-to-know basis in these type of situations?

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23.12.2015 Autor Maja

How to eat light and healthy on a boat

Guidlines about how to eat light and healthy when sailing across the Adriatic.

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