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Dec 23, 2015 Author: Maja Krivić

One simply does not leave Croatia without tasting...

1) Olive oil

Croatian people use it in almost everything. Olive oil became the true trademark of the Mediterranean. The finest olive oil is manufactured in Istria, it is milder and lighter than the one from Dalmatia.


2) Fusi (Croatian: Fuži)

Fusi is a traditional Istrian pasta. It is usually served with a mildly red veal sauce made out of onions, tomato paste, white wine and broth. When in Istria, we strongly suggest you try them with truffles.


3) Truffles

Truffles are another Istrian jewel. Moreover, white Istrian truffle is one of the most preciosus sorts in the world. Known to be a very strong aphrodisiac, truffles can be found in humid soil. Interesting fact: Croatian people have specially trained dogs for finding this glorious fungus.


4) Pag cheese (Croatian: Paški sir)

This well known cheese is made from milk of the sheep which reside on the island of Pag. It has a specific flavor due to a unique island vegetation and the sea salt, brought to the island by strong winds. Note: You should definitely combine this cheese with a glass of vine or prosciutto.


5) Kotonjata -  Quince cheese

Kotonjata – quince cheese is a sweet jelly made out of quince and sugar. This is an ancient dessert, so ancient that even old Romans were familiar with it. You can ask for it in local restaurants, it's usually on the menu in the late summer and mostly associated with the Dubrovnik region.


6) Rozada (Croatian: Rožata)

Rozada is a traditional Dalmatian dessert, very similar to Crema Catalana or french Crème brûlée. But what makes our Rozada so unique is the fact we like to add different aromas to it. We often mix it with grated orange peal, rum and sometimes even rose water.


7) Dalmatian "pašticada"

One simply cannot leave Croatia without tasting "pašticada"! This dish is probably the biggest gastronomic pride of the whole Dalmatia. It is made out of beef and cooked in a special gravy that's made out of various vegetables, red wine, figs and dried plums, which gives it the perfect balance of bitter-sweet and tangy flavour.

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