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Jan 18, 2016 Author: Nika Bogdanić

Ten Croatian coast bars worth checking out

It's always nice to explore new cities, visit the historical sites, discover new things... But sometimes we just want to relax and enjoy doing absolutely nothing. After which we might be in for some fun and dancing. These are the best places to relax and to have some fun on your Croatian holiday:



If you're exploring Rovinj, visiting Mulini beach is definitely a must. The Mulini Beach Bar is a beach facility with a large bar, locker rooms and showers. Behind the bar you'll find some green parks and a forest for those in need of shade, and in front there's the amazing Adriatic waiting for you to dip in your toes. At night, the bar turns into a more intimate lounge with a cozy atmosphere. More info: WEBPAGE


Photo source: Mulini Beach Bar



While some people like extreme and adventerous vacations, most people prefer to relax. So if you're in for some serious hedonistic relaxing, this is the place to be. Relax in the extremely comfy sunbeds, get a massage and enjoy some refreshing drinks. Bevanda Beach Resort is located on the charming and lovely Lido beach in Opatija, close to Rijeka. Another advantage of this place is that the prices aren't as high as they can get in similar places in the southern part of the Croatian coast. More info: WEBPAGE


Photo source: Facebook page Lido Beach Opatija



The Big Yellow House is actually a hostel. However, they have this amazing bar you simply have to visit if you're somewhere nearby. During the season you can grab a drink 24/7 and listen to good music. The vibe is extremely cozy - while you're sitting back and listening to some nice beats feel free to try their cocktails because they're really yummy. The Big Yellow House is located 50 metres from the bus stop to Zrće Beach which is the Ibiza of Croatia, so if you're in for some heavy partying check that out as well. More info: FACEBOOK; WEBPAGE; TRIPADVISOR


Photo source: Big Yellow House



Bau Bar is famous for having the best sunsets in the world. It's not exactly in Primošten, so you'll have to take a ten minute stroll from the town to get there. The bar is located on a quiet little beach with only a handful of people sunbathing. The atmosphere is very much like the "zen" you probably strive for and in addition to the sun and the sea you'll get to try a variety of cocktails. Be careful though, as they're quite strong (Croats like to drink). Strong cocktails and a breath-taking sunset. Anybody in for some romance? More info: FOURSQUARE; FACEBOOK


Photo source: Bau Bar Facebook



Since we're relaxed enough for now, it's time for some fun. Fluid is a small yet very popular house music bar located on the stone steps of the Old Town in Split. The interior is quite charming and there is a cute little cave-like room at the end of the bar, but most of the people just hang out in front of the bar - there are a couple of chairs and some pillows on the steps. If you don't want to spend much but in search of the lively vibe of Split, this is the place to be. More info: FACEBOOK; FOURSQUARE


Photo source: Facebook page "Caffe bar FLUID"



Brač is most famous for the Golden Cape beach (cro. Zlatni rat), which drawns a lot of tourists. If you're one of them, you might want to relax and have a cocktail in comfy sofas on a pine-shaded terrace, overlooking the stunning view. By late afternoon the bar gets quite crowded.


Video source: Bluesun Hotels & Resorts



Ka'lavanda is a music bar in the old town of Hvar, near the walls and the town gate. Statused DJs play great music for numerous tourists and locals that gather around every night during the summer. It's known for having super nice staff and a big variety of signature cocktails (they say their pride is the "Mojito") to try out. More info: FACEBOOK; FOURSQUARE


Photo source: Facebook page Ka'lavanda Music Bar Hvar



The unforgettable sunset views, house beats that make everyone dance and a bunch of people having fun is why Hula Hula is the most famous beach bar in Croatia. During the day you can enjoy some chill out music, cocktails, good wine and excellent food while lying on a sunbed. Later in the afternoon this relaxing lounge area turns into a crazy dance floor. More info: FACEBOOK; WEBPAGE


Photo source: Facebook page "Hula Hula Hvar official"



Besides the historical, there's also a hedonistic significance to this fort. This is a place where you can relax, get a bite to eat and have a delicious glass of wine from the wine cellar during the day. During the night it's a place for having the best party on the island. Bands, solo artists and DJ's entertain the crowd throught the summer. More info: FACEBOOK; TRIPADVISOR


Photo: Maja Jokić; source: Fort George Croatia



CNN states the "Cave Bar More" ("more" is a Croatian word for "sea") as one of the six best world's subterranean bars. This is a fanastic place under a five-star hotel and has the unique setting of a natural cave. It has over three levels and can accomodate around sixty people. There is a great variety of cocktails, spirits and liquors to choose from. The drinks are slightly higher priced than in some other places, but considering the fact you don't have drinks in a cave every day, that's quite understandable. More info: FACEBOOK; WEBPAGE


Photo source: Hotel More d.o.o.


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