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Dec 14, 2015 Author: AdriaSail team

Why Croatia?

"You've never been to Croatia? Wow, you should definitely go there."


How many times have you heard these words? And if you’ve seen Croatia, how many times have you said this? Many, right? If we were trying to be poetic, the words would definitely be: breathtaking, alluring, dazzling, exquisite, marvelous… Or maybe rather go with beauteous, divine, pulchritudinous, ravishing and sublime? We know it looks like a simple recounting synonyms for “beautiful”, but one day you’ll know why Croatia is often described with “all of the above”. We’re absolutely sure about that.


What did you say, how many islands??

Croatia is a country of more than a thousand islands that abide on the clearest and most beautiful sea you’ve ever witnessed – the Adriatic. Recognized as Europe’s second cleanest (after Cyprus), Croatian shore is mostly pebbly and rich with charming beaches, hidden romantic lagoons, between-island passages, stunning scenery and, let’s not forget it, very powerful party scenes. There are countless places where you will relax, witness the most beautiful sunsets and, we assure you, every place you visit will be one of the most beautiful places you've ever seen, if not the most beautiful.


We (as in: people from Croatia) are often asked by foreigners what place or region would we recommend for a nice summer vacation. Should they go to Istria or Dalmatia? Given the fact they most definitely plan to go to Dubrovnik, what other place or island could they visit? Let’s see… Two huge regions, like a 100 potential places and beaches to see, just a few should-sees’ and a gigantic list of must-not-miss’ islands… Gee, you’ve got a couple of hours?


Town of Hvar (photo: Bigstock)

But let’s stick to the obvious because we’ll be answering these questions continually, right here on AdriaSail. Our coastline and nautical tourism have been the main focus for people all over the world for years and years, although we shouldn’t forget the inland. You won’t regret splitting up your seaside vacation by visiting Zagreb, especially in May, June or September. Croatia's "army" of islands, beaches and lagoons is one story and undoubtably a magical one, but towns/cities along the coast - such as Rovinj, Rijeka, Zadar, Šibenik, Split, Makarska and of course Dubrovnik (but this is just "to name a few") - have a storyline of their own. Summer vacation in Croatia means numerous possibilities, much more unforgetable moments, dynamic way of life and people you can relate with.


Relating with the host

We are a country of gourmets, hedonists, party-people and entertainers. Of course, we too love travelling and experiencing worldwide known tourist meccas, but enjoying our own country and its natural beauty is our fetish. Tourists genuinely relate to that philosophy very quickly, which makes their stay in Croatia even more special, creating the need to come back, try new things, new places, get to know the culture and its people, explore the Adriatic and possibly – make it their new, alternate home.


You’ve always dreamed about Croatia. You just don’t know it yet.


For more useful information, videos, pictures and trip ideas for Croatia you can visit the CROATIA TOURISM WEBSITE or their official facebook page CROATIA FULL OF LIFE. For a dreamy summer vacation somewhere on the Croatian coast, feel free to snoop around our offer for sailboats, catamarans, motor yachts, motorboats and rubber boats.


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