Sailboats and motor yachts in Marina Punat

Marina Punat the starting port of our sailboats. Marina Punat is oldest marina in Croatia, located in Punat on the island Krk.

Marina Punat departure port for sailing boats

Marina punat

Marina Punat developed almost 50 years ago from a rich shipbuilding tradition.

Situated in a naturally sheltered bay of Punat. This is the first marina on the east Adriatic coast. Initially marina has just 10 bindings on a wooden quay. During the last two seasons there were on average 1250 ships placed in the marina (500 on dry docks), with an addition of 3000 transit ships arriving in the summer months

Marina Punat is the first Croatian marina which was awarded with the Blue Flag for high quality tourism services and environmental protection. This award is given annually and Marina Punat receives it in a row from the 1998th year. From the year 2000 Marina Punat have been certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard, and from 2010 the environmental management system in accordance with the ISO 14001:2001 standard has been implemented

The marina offers 800 quality berths on 11 piers for vessels up to 45 m length (draft up to 3 m), as well as all maintenance services of the engine and hull. It is possible to accommodate 100 vessels with length up to 15m on land, the dry marina has the capacity to accommodate 400 ships up to 10 m length. Marina has a full range of services intended for boaters. From the various services and renting vessels to gastronomic offers.

More about Marina Punat on the official website of the marina.

Punat on island Krk

Island Košljun

Punat is located in the southwestern part of the island Krk, in one of thethe most protected bays on the Adriatic.

Due to the excellent connections to the mainland by a bridge and fast highways almost all the way to the island, proximity to international airport Rijeka (only30 km away from Punat), is an ideal starting place for all sailing yachts.

Punat has a Mediterranean ambience, with typical narrow streets surrounded by old stone houses, beautiful doorways, stone stairways and taverns that keep the good Dalmatian wine. Nearby are beautiful beaches, vineyards and olive groves in the stone.

Punat has a beautiful gem located in the middle of the bay - a small island Kosljun. It is known for the Franciscan monastery where the monks have collected and preserved numerous valuable items for centuries.

Island Krk

Island Krk

Located in the heart of the Kvarner Bay, recognized as one of the most attractive tourist destinations.

The mild climate, the diversity of natural and cultural beauty, and proximity to the mainland enabled island of Krk to became favorite holiday destinations. Just a few hours drive and you're already on one of themost beautiful beach, yust choose which do you prefer: sandy beach,pebbles or rocks...

The island of Krk is full of picturesque villages. The island is perfect for recreation, there are a lot cycling trails perfect for exploring that can end up tasting of local specialties - Krk lamb or dishes from fresh fish.

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