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17. 12. 2015. Autor: Maja Krivić

10 must-have groceries on a sailboat

When on a sailboat, keep in mind that you should bring some groceries with you. Yes, you'll probably eat out and explore our beautiful Croatian cuisine, but you should definitely stack that boat with these 10 must-have groceries 'cause sometimes they can turn out to be your life saviour.


1) Water & Ice

You don't ever wanna run out of water and ice. That's the first rule, so just follow it!


2) (Citrus) fruit

It's advisable to pack a bunch of homegrown, organic fruit. You can get them at our local markets, or even on improvised stands all across our coast. Citrus fruits especially are a fantastic energy boosters, so a big glass of freshly squeezed orange and lemon juice will surely help you the morning after you've went a bit overboard with exploring Croatian restaurants and/or bars.


Photo: Pixabay

3) Snacks

It's back to basics with this one, remember you're not preparing for a movie night, so caramel popcorn should not be you first choice... But you can allow yourself a small secret stash of your favorite goodies, just in case you can't live without chocolate.


4) Dried fruit

They retain most of the nutritional value of fresh fruits and they also have high fiber content. Their fruit sugars will give you energy while being very satisfying. Dried figs are highly recommended, it's the most popular and most common dried fruit in the Mediterranean.


5) Nuts

Similar to dried fruits, they also represent a healthy and nutritious snack. A handful of almonds, walnuts, pistachios or pecans will provide you with unsaturated fats and protein.


Photo: Pixabay


6) Cans of food

Also very practical and should always be on your list. Cans of fish, veggies, pates or even whole meals – you never know when you'll stumble upon a deserted Croatian island.


7) Vitamins

We Croatians tend to prevent everything with rakija (schnapps), vine, prosciutto and even lard. But we advise you to take your vitamins with you because of a very simple reason: we’re not sure how you'll react to rakija.


8) Coffee

When traveling with someone, take large does of patience and tolerance with your morning coffee.” – that's just a funny quote we found online. Hence – don't forget your morning coffee!


Photo: Pixabay


9) Olive oil

It's Mediterranean’s true gastronomic gem. It's really good for you and great for your hair, your skin, your taste buds. Mix a bit of nuts with dried figs cut into pieces, add some cheese and sprinkle it with olive oil and there you have it – fine dining on a boat!


Photo: Pixabay


10) Adult beverages

That's the last rule, we know you'll follow it! Just be a responsible drinker, each drink should be followed by a no.1 grocery from our list – a glass of fresh, cold water!


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